So here’s a disclaimer: I have an awful sense of humor. Let it be known.

Coincidentally, 1997 is the same year that scientists conclusively proved that the lights in the sky are in fact fireflies and that the world's entire population had been riding out an opium high since 1904.

Why a vigilante who uses hypnosis needs a blowtorch, we'll never know, but you never see Batman with a blowtorch... except maybe in Batman and Robin, but I think we'd all just like to forget that one. Wow I just realized that the bad guy is holding the blowtorch, surprise surprise.

Captain Future, man of tomorrow, performs lasic eye surgery on an anthropomorphic sting ray who thought they were krill. Boy was he surprised when could see clearly!

Currently starring in my nightmares.

Wake up to turds in a bedpan! Now you know what a nurse's life is like.

We already have plenty of slaves, and they're all far more attractive than you, so don't even try!

My friend Pudding said it best: "This girl's face soars over the uncanny valley and crashes into the adjacent mountain of OH GOD, A MENACING ANGLO-SAXON BABYFACE"

Here honey, I have a sausage for you to put in your mouth!