20th century inspiration: I love modern art because it’s so challenging.  Some of it is so breathtakingly transcendent that it almost validates the generations of capitalist “postmodern” bullshit it inspired.  And what I love about the 20th century in art is that although revolutionary stylistic adjustments were being made for thousands of years, subject matter remained mainly similar- religious imagery, historical allegory and documentation, decorative ornament- and frankly style shifted by inches, not miles.  Then, BOOM- the 20th century arrived on the heels of the Expressionists and everyone and their cat threw caution to the wind and just fucking experimented like no one ever had before because everything in the world was new and strange and beautiful and fearful and nothing would ever be the same again.  And it’s completely sublime. But where does the sublime, sincere, curious inquiry end and the stream of aesthetically exploitive bullshit begin?  It’s hard to say because quality in art is so often a matter of taste and preference.

However, one area of modern aesthetics that never fails to deliver is architecture, and I think that’s because however ridiculous or ugly you may think it is, the fact is that it always has a purpose. And the fact that people are constantly imagining new ways to synthesize functional space with what they consider to beautiful is astounding and endless in its potential because the technology for engineering and design is constantly advancing.  Architecture never has the curse of fine art, which is to occasionally be feckless and insincere.  Whether it is stuffy and imposing, playful and quirky, daring and modern, or traditional, architectural design literally challenges us to rethink the very way we live our day to day lives, by altering the shelters that contains all our worldly possessions and moments of personal joy, pain, work, and play into new and unexpected shapes and visions.  And yes I may be a tad fanatical on the subject…. anyways, a few gems from my inspiration file:

This one actually reminds me of some sort of art deco Helm's Deep