Latest artist crush: Christophe Roberts.  He currently has four pieces on display at the non-profit gallery where I work- the Evanston Art Center (EAC)- and let me just tell you, they are pretty epic.  Last Saturday I nearly had an anxiety attack because all the artists came at once to set up for the new show (which I’ve been anticipating for a while, like anyone cares) and there were too many people around me at once and I was almost universally filled with panic except for this guy and his posse, who were all so chill.  Also they had a freaking GIANT CARDBOARD LION so I was doubly inclined to give them a free pass into Grace’s approved cool people club.  Anyways, not all of these are from our exhibition, but if you’re in the Chicago area anytime before August 7th, come see this sort of thing in real life:

So yeah, there you go.  Also, just as an addendum, I’ll put a little shameless self-promotion in here where I can.  Check out the sweet vid I made for EAC Development department- one of my bosses requested I make a video slideshow for an education grant, showing what kind of organization we are, I think it turned out nice.  I guess my point is that we are a community non-profit, so click the link way up above and give us the money, plzkthx.